Academic Skills Center Adjunct Final Evaluation

Please complete this survey upon completion of your Adjunct Skills 232 class. We want to improve and need your feedback! Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we are doing. Survey results will be kept confidential, but we need your name and info to make specific improvements and to add these hours for course credit.

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Why did you take this course initially? *
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The Adjunct Skills labs helped me improve my learning skills in the following areas: * 
Check all that apply, and/or add your own topic in "Other."

The Adjunct Skills groups helped me learn how to * 
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The Adjunct Skills groups helped me understand content course (i.e. Bio, Econ) concepts. *

The Adjunct Skills course affected my decision to complete the content course. *

The Adjunct Skills course helped me develop learning skills that improved my success in other courses. *

The Adjunct Skills course helped me identify my learning strengths and weaknesses. *

My SI (group leader, tutor) knew what was happening in class and was in close contact with my content course instructor (i.e. History) *  
(ex. asked follow up questions, provided course handouts, reviewed assignments.)

The Adjunct Skills course met my expectations *  
Did you get what you expected from Adjunct groups and labs?

I would recommend the Adjunct Skills course to other students. *  
I benefitted from this program and think others would too.

The Adjunct Skills course helped improve my grade in the content (i.e. History)? *  
Without the support, my grade would have been lower.

Short Response Questions

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